Dyna B SV photo presse 5_edited
Dyna6 10X15 300 dpi

Belgo-Haitian singer-songwriter Dyna has a unique power to transform into a earth-shattering, majestic creature on stage. Like most famous African-American divas, soul is second nature to her and a spontaneous groove allows her captivating personality to burst forth when she performs. Discovered at the age of 17 during the “Sources” tour by choreographer Nono Battesti when she sang and danced alongside Didier Laloy, Dyna  has a strong stage presence, as well as a great ability to move an audience, much like Nina Simone, Ayo, and Tracy Chapman. Without question, the audience is dazzled as soon as she opens her mouth. Dyna  performs her own songs in both English and French, accompanied by Benoit Minon on guitar and by Fabio Picchi on piano.